Saturday, September 16, 2006

Filmi funda

I remember those days when MTV used to air this filmi funda.
It is really funny to know how these so called bollywood(not to forget the tollywood,kollywood,teak wood etc) come up with films which use more or less the same formulae.I have tried to gather some of the known formulae.

1).Judai(lost and found) Example:Amar-Akbar-Anthony.
common dialogues:
"tumhare gale mey yeh locket kaise aya"
"tumhare peet per ek kala til(mole) hai?"
"Tab tho hum dono bhai hai!!".

Maa (mother) Example:Deewar
common dialogues:
"maa..............."(emotional background music ).

Example:Khoon bhari maang ,vijaypath,and numerous
Dharampaji's films

common dialogues:
"main iska badla leke rahoonga"
"yaad kar 25 saal pehle tune ek master ke parivar ki hathya ki thi"
"main usi master ka beta hoon....."

4)flashback( 25 saal pehle) Example:now this one has many......

common dialogues:

"Beta,tum sach jaanna chahte ho?"
"Tho phir suno.Yeh 25 saal pehle ki baat hai.Us din bahut baarish ho rahi thi......."

5)Mandir (The temple)
Example:Deewar again and countless other films.

common dialogues:

"Hey bhagwan.Main ney aaj tak tujhse kuch nahi maanga.Lekin aaj maangata hoon....."

6)College Example:phool aur kaante,Dil etc.

Remember those college scenes where students look like they are already in their 40s or 50s?

common dialogue:
"lagta hai college mey nayee ayee hai"

I don't remember others.Please leave a comment if you remember others.

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